Though generally not a major problem, our proximity to the Osborne Road ‘strip’ ensures regular Saturday night through traffic of homeward-bound revellers. The inevitable detritus that ensues is dealt with by a group of volunteers who take turns to clear the street and lanes each weekend.

Volunteers are always welcome, so if you would like to join in, please email

The current schedule for volunteers can be found on the Calendar. You can also

download a PDF of the schedule

Advice for Litter Pickers

  • We have three litter ‘grabbers’ and a supply of rubber gloves for the use of volunteers. These can be picked up from Bil at 62a. Please return these after use.

  • If there are any instances which can’t easily be handled by volunteers, such as fly tipping or excessive rubbish around bins, please contact Envirocall on the number below

  • Please don’t attempt to handle any dangerous items such as drugs paraphernalia or needles. Anything of this nature should be reported immediately to Envirocall.

Envirocall - 0191 278 7878